His intriguing works, rife with symbolic imagery, philosophical introspection and striking thematic contrasts, encourage discourse among viewers.
Although largely allegorical, Lopezdabdoub's paintings employ the visual signifiers of mythology to call forth decidedly contemporary issues.
His paintings are deep-rooted in the concerns of contemporary society, seeking to engage the viewer in meaningful discussions with the purpose
of promoting a better understanding of the human condition. By juxtaposing seemingly disparate images, the artist masterfully conjures a sense
of dramatic tension: even though elements may be incompatible they are duly joined in a beautiful aesthetic balance. Lopezdabdoub hopes
to underscore the divisive worldwide conditions that spark contention but inevitably unites us all. His imagery, both powerful and ambiguous,
further emphasizes the fact that people are inherently linked no matter what their politics, color and creed.